Charles Peck
Acrylics, Pastels. Murals
My Story and I am Sticking to it.

My bio is more informal than most as I haven't kept records about where I've been or what I was doing, only watched out where I was going.

It all started with a standard small village childhood on Chautauqua Lake in snow bound southwestern New York State - Mayville.
Dad moved the family to Fort Pierce, Florida in 1959 and I have always been thankful he had the courage to come south with a young family and no guarantees. I was lucky as my youth was spent with ocean, surf, beaches, palm trees and puberty. The rest of the time was spent reading, drawing and painting. I was told I started at 3, though I don't remember this neither do I remember a time when I haven't been drawing and painting.

After high school and the Army I hit the road doing sketch portraits & paintings along the Gulf Coast of North America.

I started college in Key West and went to F.S.U. for the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, majoring in studio arts with a minor in art history. After finishing in 1973 I went back on the road traveling North and South America drawing and painting my way.

My art has shown all over the Southern States that border the Gulf of Mexico in art galleries, office buildings, banks, restaurants and now the internet. My work is in many private and corporate collections in South and North America as well as several public murals and sculptures.

In 1990 I sailed into Charlotte Harbor where my brother Dennis lives to enjoy life as an artist sailor in a grand harbor with great light & profound Florida scenery and focus on my career.

I was co-founder/participant in Moss Gallery for its 5 years in Charlotte Harbor, Florida. I judged many shows in the surrounding area and served on the board of the local visual art center as a workshop chairman.
I was able to start the weekly open figure drawing session (and ran it for 12 years) as well as holding beginning drawing, figure drawing, painting, and art history classes before I moved on to other adventures.

I have been on several ad-hoc committees to represent and advance the arts in the community. In one a friend and I started Gallery Walk, a monthly tradition for several years now in the downtown area but she has been instrumental in keeping it going as I moved on to other things. I have volunteered my art skills at many fundraisers to benefit local needs.

There is a side of me that isn't covered by art that I feel is a significant factor from which I draw my sensibilities. I am a single-hand sailor with a blue water sailing vessel and have spent many years as a A.S.A. sailing instructor. I spend most of my time on the water when not in the studio.

That's all there is folks ... at least for awhile
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