Kathy Bostwick
Watercolor Artist
Raised by her mother, and her grandparents, Kathy’s early years were spent in the idyllic, peaceful farmlands near Cincinnati, Ohio. There surrounded by her equestrian playmates she developed a great love of nature. Being an only child, she had plenty of time to herself and therefore pursued the love of artistic things, such as drawing, coloring and creating sand sculptures.

Around the ages of 4 to 7, she graduated from modeling school, and took classes in ballet and tap and even ended up on Ted Mac’s Talent show. Every year she could be found riding her horse in the local parades completely decked out in cowboy gear, with her favorite silver six-guns hanging from their holster and a big star on her back in honor of her “4 Star Farm”.

As Kathy turned 10 she left the farmlands and began a suburban lifestyle where she attended Catholic schools for the next 8 years. Given her propensity to ask questions, this commenced her quest into a more philosophical approach to life. Horses, tap and ballet were left behind; but a pair of roller-skates, an accordion and Gregorian chant were found. Clearly, by the time she graduated, Kathy had established a keen interest in the arts; and having fallen in love with the creative process, Kathy then attended and graduated from Gebhardt’s Commercial Art School in Cincinnati.

Kathy now shares her talents with others. She has been an instructor for the Charlotte County Visual Art Center since 1991 and, is currently serving as President of Florida Watercolor Society and is co-owner of the new “Creations Gallery” in Punta Gorda, Florida. Watercolor is her primary media, but she also enjoys expressing herself through oil, acrylic, pen & ink, photography, digital media, jewelry, and glass.
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