Helen Gerro
Acrylic Painting / Fashion
Photo Christopher Frame
I'm a "Small town girl " at heart with big town dreams and ambition I was born and raised with a encouraging family of 10, with 2 wonderful parents, 2 great brothers and 5 sweet best friend sisters in central Minnesota right in "lake Woebegone Country". At the early age of nine self taught I began to sew and create clothing for myself and friends and I learned how to sketch and paint. Always being creative from my teens into my twenties people always wanted what I made, so in my early twenties longing to move to the big city of Minneapolis, Minnesota and after having several fashion shows for a few years I Then at the young age of 21 I had the erg to venture to a bigger city called Manhattan, New York in the early eighties and now that's where I really learned a lot about the fashion industry and the garment district just like you can imagine fashion racks buzzing here and there with the latest designs. That's where I was really inspired and learned how to develop my own line and take it to the market, from sketch, design, line collection, sales and manufacturing to delivery. After living working and mostly partying in Manhattan, New York for 3 years fate brought me back to Minneapolis, Minnesota. developing my own line "Gerro" and sold my line to major fine department stores such as Dayton Hudson, Marshal-Fields, and Nordstrom's, and hundreds of better Boutiques throughout the U.S. Around then in the early nineties I met my loving supportive husband Greg, funny how ours paths crossed in our teens (not yet met) but in our late thirties we then met I guess it was kismet and been together since with our cat Bobcat living in the lovely sunny Gulf Coast of Florida with my studio and gallery for over 6 years.

My paintings totally have evolved from my being a fashion designer, twenty years ago a Gallery owner expressed I should take my sketches to another level and that's how my sketches have evolved into my paintings my art collection "art of fashion" and "couture art" along with my paintings as I have painted wearable art from T shirts, jackets, evening gowns which are great for beach weddings or a unique formal event and my specialty is jeans where the "jeans are my canvas" walking art and people love to have them framed.
My painting collection, which is clearly inspired from being a fashion designer as you can see in my bold and distinctive contemporary figurative impressionistic paintings. My medium of choice is acrylic and oil, in bright unique colors and rich tones with consistent lines and images. People say things like "I can recognize a Gerro anywhere" and "very fun paintings" I just love to paint weather it's fashion or canvas there is my true happeness.
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