Clif Lundberg
3D / Sculpture / Digital Painting
Boston born and raised, this ex Miami artist grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, absorbing the mad, erotic overlapping of color and form from the lingering haze of the psychedelic & pop art movement.
Clif's work explores the boundaries between child’s play and industrial process. The rhythmic, dynamic interplay of color rise from the draftsman’s table as simple geometric shapes, graceful curves, and graphic patterns dancing in three-dimensional space. Infused with classical and architectural references, it takes it's themes from recent history, but is deeply rooted in the works of past masters.
My art is centered on the passion of projecting images of pure abstraction or literal translation of abstract thoughts, emotions or events, unfolded into a surreal, geometry that teases the viewer to participate. They are modular constructions that explore the tactile sensuality of wood, steel, industrial materials and occasional found elements, brightly finished with acrylic laquers.
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